A mélange of the American 50's and the breeze of the French Mediterranean, while preserving today's sound

Dean Grant is a producer, composer, pianist, writer and singer.

Dean Grant discovered France and its musical culture through the eyes of a young man in his early twenties. A love affair resulted in a permanent stay, and while living in the nearness of Avignon, he became a private student of Gaston, one of the last great singers of Les Compagnons de la chanson.
While still being in his twenties he had already met a significant number of influencers. In this process he learned from the best like producer Mick Lanaro (Gilbert Bécaud, Johnny Hallyday), arranger Bernard Arcadio (Henri Salvador, Charles Aznavour), conductor Michel Cassez (Claude François), producer and arranger Jean-Yves d’Angelo (Julien Clerc, Patrick Bruel) auteur Pierre Grillet (Alain Souchon, Alain Bashung), auteur Pierre Grosz (Dalida, Sacha Distel) and private piano teacher Christian Mornet.
These experiences made such an impression on Dean Grant, that after his study it became impossible for him to turn his back to this extremely rich culture. And while being back in Amsterdam, he drowned himself in knowledge about music from France, on such a level that it made him an expert on the subject over the years.

There are such great singers in the world, and the majority of them have wonderful voices, but let’s be honest, has there been an equal singer who lived his words more than Gilbert Bécaud did? I doubt that,” adding: “I believe it’s no coincidence that Bécaud was from France.

Dean Grant honors the very best singers from France, melting their style with the musical culture is which he grew up himself, funded by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, resulting in a unique and very powerful international sound. Look at Dean Grant as a brand coming from a real person, based on his biography, knowledge and personal interests.

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French culture and its music have long played an important role throughout the entire world. Not only in France had French singers cult state. It’s easy to name a few who were iconic throughout the world: Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Brigitte Bardot. But also more recently like Daft Punk, David Guetta and the young Stromae.
The French language is a world language that appeals to many, inspires many artists, comforts passionates and produces lots of (new) artists, who all want to express their message in France. An incredibly rich language with beautiful accents and ideally suited for singing in all kind of genres.

Records Gramophonique presents selected international artists, who all have been inspired by this. The label can be considered as unique, having its headquarters in Holland.


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