Working together.

Records Gramophonique is an international music company founded in 2014. We are specialized in producing French music. As a record company, our role is to bring networks and people together to let the artist flourish.
Often an artist already has a good network on its own, so in practice it is our task to bring these people together and to present structure, while coordinating.

Remarkably often, we encounter artists who tend to just think of music. This is understandable, but as a result however, they forget to think about how this music can be packaged and exploited. The decoration of their music, which we consider as a product, seems to be overlooked.
In todays world, we believe that good music isn’t enough, there has to be a plan. After all, with exception, it is the frame that sells the canvas.

Records Gramophonique sees the artist as an entrepreneur and proposes a collaboration in which we work together as a team. This keeps the artist equally in control, so that creativity can remain unrestrained, while building solid ground for a rich career.

Records Gramophonique; working together, networks combined, structure presented.


Dean Grant discovered France and its musical culture through the eyes of a young man in his early twenties. A love affair resulted in…


In 2016 record label Records Gramophonique contacted Davine and suggested to her to search for her own sound and to write…


Through these colors and through these melodies, De Groot takes us by the hand and tells his story. A story which is overwhelmingly…


Records Gramophonique as a production house

In collaboration with artists, labels, distributors and marketing agencies, Records Gramophonique has a solid yet facilitating role in the development and funding of productions and master tapes.

With both starting artists and established names, we offer expertise in the field of international productions on a strategic, artistic and financial level.


Records Gramophonique directed and produced the beautiful debut album by the new artist BoBBi.
In collaboration with producer Reyn Ouwehand and musicians from the Vanessa Paradis team, the result is a remarkably strong pop album.

July 1, 2019, Bobbi released her first song “Dans mon lit’!


We participated in the wonderful album Paris by Ellen ten Damme.
Records Gramophonique is proud of the authentic character of the live recordings.



As a team, we develop, manage and coach French speaking talent to deliver an authentic sound in an international spectrum. Those involved have expertise and great passion in the field of producing French music, from the early 40s to todays sound.

Our management & production team consists of Dutch and French music-, media- and marketing professionals, composers, arrangers and copywriters. All have a long track record and have worked with the greatest names since 1970. We operate internationally to exploit our productions worldwide.


(Henri Salvador, Charles Aznavour, Gilbert Bécaud)

Bernard has a great track record within the French music industry.
As an arranger and pianist he accompanied iconic singers such as Aznavour, Bécaud and Salvador.
His arrangements at Chambre avec vue by Henri Salvador are of unprecedented class; the album enjoys cult status.
In collaboration with Records Gramophonique Bernard brings a large amount of knowledge into the productions of Dean Grant and Davine.

CRISTAL G. - Songwriter & lyricist
(Dean Grant, Melissa Mars, Quentin Mosimann)

Cristal has strengthened the Gramophonique team as a lyricist and vocal coach.
She writes for countless artists and has been the regular copywriter for Dean Grant since 1999.
Her knowledge of the French language ensures authentic results in productions.

JAN VAN EERD - Producer
(Dean Grant, Ellen ten Damme, Davine, Spinvis)

Jan has a clear producer role. In collaboration with the entire Gramophonics team, he leads the artistic productions. He ensures that the artist is put down the best without sacrificing the natural sound. Besides being a producer, he is a gifted vibraphone player and drummer.

(Hélène Ségara, Dean Grant, Patrick Bruel)

Patrice works from his studio LooBeeLoo south of Paris. He mixes for several French singers and has mixed of a large number of films, including the late international film Django.
In collaboration with Gramophonique, he is closely connected to the Dean Grant team. Partly due to his knowledge of the analogue domain, he plays an important role in the quality of the Grant recordings.
Patrice also mixes for Davine.


French culture and its music have long played an important role throughout the entire world. Not only in France had French singers cult state. It’s easy to name a few who were iconic throughout the world: Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Brigitte Bardot. But also more recently like Daft Punk, David Guetta and the young Stromae.
The French language is a world language that appeals to many, inspires many artists, comforts passionates and produces lots of (new) artists, who all want to express their message in French. An incredibly rich language with beautiful accents and ideally suited for singing in all kind of genres.

Records Gramophonique presents selected international artists, who all have been inspired by this. The label can be considered as unique, having its headquarters in Holland.


Albert van Werkhoven
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Productions and A/R

Sander Schaap
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General information or contact

For all general information or contact, please write at:

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