A unique meeting of art and music

Notes by De Groot is a unique meeting of art and music in collaboration with Records Gramophonique.
The internationally acclaimed artist De Groot, links for the first time his art with his musical notes and by doing so, making his debut as a pianist at the stage.

The first volume of Notes by De Groot is entitled The Compassion Suites and consists of twelve masterly canvases of art which are linked to consciously chosen musical pieces and share inseparably the same name with each other,
Through these colors and through these melodies, De Groot takes us by the hand and tells his story. A story which is overwhelmingly human and an unstrained invitation to a vision of compassion to all the things that makes us humans so human.

The Compassion Suites is an exceptionally rare series and offered in the original works, as well as a limited edition of lithographs and posters and by doing so, consciously made accessible to everyone.

All musical suites are available on a beautiful album under the same name.
Search for The Compassion Suites by De Groot on all available streaming services or order in his store; all physical albums will be exclusively signed by the artist himself.

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French culture and its music have long played an important role throughout the entire world. Not only in France had French singers cult state. It’s easy to name a few who were iconic throughout the world: Charles Aznavour, Serge Gainsbourg, Jacques Brel, Brigitte Bardot. But also more recently like Daft Punk, David Guetta and the young Stromae.
The French language is a world language that appeals to many, inspires many artists, comforts passionates and produces lots of (new) artists, who all want to express their message in France. An incredibly rich language with beautiful accents and ideally suited for singing in all kind of genres.

Records Gramophonique presents selected international artists, who all have been inspired by this. The label can be considered as unique, having its headquarters in Holland.


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